Hide Feed makes money by offering a premium tier, not by selling your data. You can unlock all the premium features and support my mission to help people spend their time well by upgrading to Hide Feed Pro. Thanks!


  • Hide one feed of your choice
  • One-click toggle
  • Track time saved
  • Beautiful images of Earth


  • Hide YouTube feed
  • Hide Facebook feed
  • Hide Amazon feed
  • Hide Gmail feed
  • Hide Twitter feed
  • Hide LinkedIn feed
  • Hide Instagram feed
  • Hide Reddit feed
  • One-click toggle
  • Track time saved
  • Hide distracting sidebars
  • Beautiful images of Earth
  • Set custom image themes
  • Add your own images
  • Set schedule
$5 / month
billed annually
Upgrade to Pro


Is Hide Feed worth paying for?
If you value deep work, you know the importance of protecting your time and attention. If Hide Feed hides an average of 3 feeds a day and saves you around 3 minutes each time by keeping you focused, you'll gain an additional 4.5 productive hours every month. How much is your time worth to you?
Why isn't Hide Feed completely free?
Hide Feed is made by one person (hi!), and I charge a monthly fee to make working on Hide Feed financially sustainable. Hide Feed requires continuous development to keep up with updates to websites, and charging users makes sure that Hide Feed will stick around for you to enjoy.
Other questions?
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