Get things done
without distractions.

Protect your focus with minimalist layouts.
Also available on Firefox
Search and watch videos without being lured to watch more.

Hide feeds by default

Reveal them with one click when needed

Explore beautiful images

Set custom themes based on your interests

Remove other distractions

Enjoy clean and minimal interfaces

Why hide feeds?

Websites today are designed to suck you in and keep you engaged by constantly providing new content. The longer you stay, the more ads you'll see, the more products you'll buy, and the more you'll boost their revenue and engagement metrics. Unfortunately, this means they've developed incredibly effective techniques to capture your attention.

Hide Feed protects your focus by hiding feeds and replacing them with beautiful images you'll love. No more getting distracted by the endless streams of new content.

What about when you actually want to browse your feeds? One click shows your feeds again. Hiding your feeds by default ensures that your feeds are visible only when you intend to see them. With Hide Feed, you have the power to choose.

People💖Hide Feed

Reviews from the Chrome Web Store
Amazing experience! Makes it so easy for me to focus on what I want to do!

1. I get to focus on composing emails versus getting distracted by new emails
2. I get to focus on what I want to buy on Amazon instead of getting distracted by new shiny items
3. I get to focus on engaging with specific people on social media without getting distracted by new alerts

Overall, it really nudges me to do what I intended to do when opening any websites.
Kelly Chou
Absolutely incredible extension. Makes it so much easier to control what I see and where. Couldn't be happier with this, especially because of how often sites are trying to get me to keep reading and scrolling when I just want to buy something on Amazon.
David Hendon
Hide Feed helps me become much more productive with my time and takes me away from rabbit holing through youtube, facebook and all other social media platforms. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to focus and not be distracted with all of the recommended posts. Thanks for creating Hide Feed!
John Lee

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